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Innate Retreats and Trainings

Innate is a divine design to facilitate inward and outward growth from one’s true self. Created by international yoga and Pilates teacher, studio owner, healer, and lifestyle entrepreneur, Natalie Perez-Hayden, Innate is experienced through living, learning, and embracing all aspects of a holistic and yogic lifestyle. Innate, deepens the connection to oneself, humanity and the earth through the wisdom of the Mayan and Ayurvedic healing practices. These traditions, designed to grant you access to the infinite wisdom you carry within, harmonize with the spirit of Innate to form a whole offering rooted in the Mayan healing traditions and the ancient Indian philosophy of yoga. Natalie’s rich Mayan heritage and ancestry are central to her authentic teaching style. The lessons of her ancestors and the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are woven into, Innate, as they are Natalie’s DNA. Experience the power of healing and transformation through the ancient knowledge of movement, meditation and the elements.

The programs of Innate are offered globally. Natalie hosts yoga retreats around the world. She hosts teacher trainings at her lifestyle studio, Body Mind and Core, in Carmel, Indiana, and on the sacred grounds of her Central American home, Belize Jungle Yoga.