To live a yogic lifestyle is to embrace seva. We know, as it is innate. We understand because the greatest spiritual leaders who have ever lived have taught us this lesson in love. Innate supports your journey of growth and your path towards peace by inviting you to serve with us in Belize. The following service missions can be integrated into any yoga teacher training program or retreat offering. Contact our Innate Program Coordinator to arrange these offerings.

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Rancho Dolores Community Center

The Rancho Dolores Community Center has a special place in our hearts and is a focus of Innate service projects. Innate and the Rancho Dolores Village Council can coordinate service efforts, during Innate retreats and trainings, focused on improving village life by providing educational resources, scholarships and mentorships.

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St. Luke’s Anglican Church

Join our efforts to rebuild St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Lemonal Village. This small village church was the home of founder, Natalie Hayden’s grandmother and mother. It is the only spiritual center in the area. It was destroyed by termites and the services have been held in a tent for over 3 years. Natalie, began fundraising for the new church building in 2018 and continues to make meaningful progress on this service mission. Follow along and donate here.